Bubbletone ICO phase #1 is live

Bubbletone ICO phase #1 is live

Bubbletone markets itself as the first decentralized telecom ecosystem connecting operators, service providers and consumers. The company has identified a massive end market for its product, including: 1,000 operators, 10,000 online service providers and 1.3 billion travelers annually. (In reality, Bubbletone is not the first project building decentralized telecom; we conducted an ICO review of TripAlly several months ago, and it too is seeking to rid the world of international data roaming bottlenecks).

The platform works by allowing mobile carriers to publish offers via smart contracts, which are then made available to operators and consumers. When an offer is selected, a smart contract is created through the subscriber’s Digital Identity. This is where payment occurs, and when services under the local telecom provider is implemented.  Under this business model, it is clear that Bubbletone is targeting operators as well as consumers (this fact is further spelled out in the whitepaper). Even by attracting a small fraction of cross-border travelers to its platform, Bubbletone can  offer a strong value proposition to operators and service providers looking for transient business.


Bubbletone is issuing a utility cryptocurrency by the name of Universal Mobile Token (UMT), which is built on top of the Graphene blockchain. The departure from the more common ERC-20 protocol gives UMT a unique advantage from the perspective of transaction speed. Through its native BitShares application, Graphene is capable of producing three-second transactions with the possibility of scaling up to 100,000 transactions per second. In the case of Bubbletone, developers have promised 10,000 transactions per second (although only half will be necessary initially).

UMT tokens act as a payment method on the Bubbletone platform, allowing users to pay for telecom services that include voice calls and instant messages. Tokens can be purchased using traditional fiat money or at least half a dozen cryptocurrencies.

The company initiated the pre-sale of UMT tokens on Jan. 20 and will keep the early bird window open through Feb. 15. During this period, one token is valued at $0.42 U.S., although a minimum investment of $10,000 is required.

The public ICO begins Mar. 20, and will run for two months. The initial token price is set at $0.50 U.S. and will rise in 5 cent increments every five days until it reaches $1.

Bubbletone ICO is rated 6/10 by Hacked.


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