The State Bank of Vietnam announced today that the use of Bitcoin and similar virtual currency would be subject to fines of VND 150 million to VND 200 million. The bank’s statement states that “Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies are not legal means of payment in Vietnam”, the issuance,Read More →

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies like Ether, BCC, Litecoin, Dash have become more recognized in Vietnam. Inspire Vietnam law has not accepted cryptocurrencies trading, however many exchanges are rising and attract thousands of “underground” investors. In Vietnam if you like to own some crypto coins like Bitcoin (hottest) or Ether:Read More →

Russia could evolve into the next major Bitcoin market, as the government continues to encourage Bitcoin mining and moves closer towards regulating its cryptocurrency exchange market. Russia’s plan Earlier this week, Cointelegraph revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the launch of CryptoRuble, a cryptographically-secured state-issued national digital currency. Minister ofRead More →