Forbes on 3rd October 2017 published an article of the author Curtis Silver said around release (ICO – Initial Coin Offer) of CyberMiles token – a crypto currency base on Ethereum Blockchain, belongs to the e-commerce website. Read it here Its pre-sale was ended at the end of October (offers forRead More →

CyberMiles Foundation Limited (“CyberMiles Foundation”), is a company limited by guarantee to be incorporated in Hong Kong and governed in a not-for-profit manner. It will work closely with 5miles LLC (“5miles”), with the aim of developing CyberMiles: a next-generation blockchain optimized for e-commerce and designed for mainstream adoption. By focusingRead More →

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies like Ether, BCC, Litecoin, Dash have become more recognized in Vietnam. Inspire Vietnam law has not accepted cryptocurrencies trading, however many exchanges are rising and attract thousands of “underground” investors. In Vietnam if you like to own some crypto coins like Bitcoin (hottest) or Ether:Read More →