CyberMiles Token – CMT sold out in about 45 minutes

CyberMiles Token – CMT sold out in about 45 minutes

5Miles had public their ICO and initial supply 700 millions CMT to the market. It was predicted to be a huge ICO at the end of 2017 and the result spoke all.

All CMT has sold out in just about 45 minutes (counting from 9am PST 20th November 2017). Inspite of there are some investors sent more than 100 ETH (maximum allowed purchase package) and 5Miles team had to send back these guys their ETH to re-buy the token as well as open opportunities for others. This lead to delay of the ICO about 16 hours. Finally, the ICO successfully reached its hardcap.

CMT is hoped to be a hot coin and bring investors a huge profit when it will be integrated to some exchanges in Q1 of 2018. Good luck to all guys who are owning CMT. We are all counting down to that time.

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