Forbes talks about ICO CyberMiles of 5Miles

Forbes talks about ICO CyberMiles of 5Miles

Forbes on 3rd October 2017 published an article of the author Curtis Silver said around release (ICO – Initial Coin Offer) of CyberMiles token – a crypto currency base on Ethereum Blockchain, belongs to the e-commerce website.

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Its pre-sale was ended at the end of October (offers for who owns more than 20 BTC only). And its crowdsale will start on 21st November 2017 (9:am PST) for anyone who owns more than 0.2 ETH !!!

And this is a really good opportunities for small and medium investors around the world. Register Right Now At CyberMiles

For FAQ releated to how to register and how to purchase CyberMiles token, please read this article for more details.

Thank you for reading and best luck to you!

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