How to buy bitcoin in Vietnam

How to buy bitcoin in Vietnam

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies like Ether, BCC, Litecoin, Dash have become more recognized in Vietnam. Inspire Vietnam law has not accepted cryptocurrencies trading, however many exchanges are rising and attract thousands of “underground” investors.

In Vietnam if you like to own some crypto coins like Bitcoin (hottest) or Ether: First of all, you have to own a Vietcombank ATM card and of course deposit it with the sufficiency balance  (open one if you still donnot have it). There are so many banks that provide ATM card in Vietnam but the trading network in Vietnam like Vietcombank. Second, let own a corresponding wallet with the crypto currency that you want.

Then choose your favorite exchange:

Choose the right sale person with right price and transfer them the required amount in VND from your ATM account number to his/her ATM account number. This can be done through Internet Banking function or processing papers directly at the bank’s branches.

Note: The exchange mays require you to verify your ID document and photo at the first deposit. Just do it!

Thanks and best luck!

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