How to setup a full node Bitcoin server on OS X/Linux

How to setup a full node Bitcoin server on OS X/Linux

This post will go over the basics of spinning up a Bitcore node. Before you begin, you’ll need to have around:

  •  8GB of memory
  • About 200GB of disk space available to store the Bitcoin blockchain plus additional database information.
  • Both 64bit Mac OS X and GNU/Linux are currently supported.

The process of downloading the blocks and indexing can take upwards of 24 hours on livenet and 2 hours for testnet, depending on Internet connection and other factors such as CPU and disk speed. It’s also possible to use an existing Bitcoin data directory, which will speed up the process as reindexing can take upwards of 12 hours for livenet and 1 hour for testnet.

For more documentation and API document, please visit

Install ZeroMQ and build essential tools

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libzmq3-dev build-essential

Install NVM (Node Version Manager)

With cURL:

curl -o- | bash

Or with Wget:

wget -qO- | bash

Install Versions of Node.js

nvm install 4.2.2

Install Bitcore

npm install -g bitcore

Visit: http://localhost:3001/insight

Add Bitcore Wallet Service to our Bitcore Node

bitcore install bitcore-wallet-service

Visit: http://localhost:3232/bws/api

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