indaHash Main ICO is coming soon on 29 Nov 2017

indaHash Main ICO is coming soon on 29 Nov 2017

What is indaHash?

Indahash is an application that allow advertiser to create marketing campaigns to hundred thousand influencers on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twiter.

It can be understand that advertisers will assign tasks to the influencers. Then the influencers receive the task and by their creative, they will make posts with related hashtags and promote for the advertisers’ campaigns. So the influencers can monetize from promoting for the advertisers, fair?

What is indaHash Coin?

indaHash Coin is a type of Token base on Ethereum’s Smart Contract. When you buy indaHash Coin, indaHash will transfer a number of tokens (indaHash Coin) base on their pre-defined price to your ERC-20 ETH Wallet adress (what can be made from or local wallets like Ether Wallet or Mist application.

After you hold a numbers of indaHash Coin you can exchange on some exchanges when the indaHash pretend to integrate their token to some exchanges on January 2018.

Why would an influencer choose indaHash Coin?

Faster, higher and anonymous transfers with no minimum limits:

  • Currently, the wait time for influencers to get paid after they’ve completed a campaign is between 30-60 days. indaHash Coins will be transferred to the influencer’s wallet immediately with the possibility of further use or encashing.
  • Influencers rates will increase by at least 20% compared to the regular rate in fiat currency. Also, by choosing indaHash Coin, the influencer will get the first access to campaigns before other users who choose fiat
  • indaHash Coin transfers will enable full privacy and anonymity.
  • No minimum withdraw amount.

Ability to exchange indaHash Coin for Pay-With-Fame feature, enabling collaboration with brands and loyal businesses

  • Influencer will receive an early access to brand products, novelties and discounts when shopping or using local services (like restaurants, hotels, etc.)

Creating personalized influencer tokens

  • Influencers can also create their own tokens and use them to increase their audience engagement by use of rewards and gamification. The influencer’s audience can use tokens and exchange them for exclusive actions such as signed prizes by the influencer, closed meetings and social activities.

Why is indaHash different fro the alternatives?

  • Indahash doesn’t give any prototypes or abstract, unsolved problem to the ICO participants. What we give them is our working influencer marketing ecosystem and very well developed product that generates rapidly growing income and growing number of influencers. Currently, indaHash is the largest, international influencer marketing platform and operates in more than 70 countries. It grew by 295% regarding sales and by 352% in number of influencers (comparison of 1Q-3Q 2016 versus 1Q-3Q 2017)

When will the indaHash Coin be available on the exchanges?

  • All the information regarding exchanges will be published after the ICO.

When is the ICO going to start?

  • Pre-ICO start at 3 PM UTC – Nov 8 2017
  • ICO start at 3 PM UTC – Nov 29 2017

Can you register more than a single Ethereum address?

  • No, the Ethereum address you provide during registration will be the only address from which you can participate in our ICO.

Do you have a KYC?

During the potential account verification (KYC) we may require a proof of ID and proof of address. Citizens or residents of the United States, China and Singapore (or any other jurisdictions, where participation in the indaHash Coin distribution event is or may be considered unlawful or illegal) are not allowed to participate.

How can you participate in the the ICO?

  1. First, you must prepare a token compatible wallet (you only can participate through a wallet with a private key) with enough ETH in it to participate. We recommend you to use:
  2. Decide on the amount of ETH you would like to transfer. Please remember that the minimum amount is 0.5 ETH and the maximum is 300 ETH.
  3. Send it to our smart contract address that will be available on our website 08 November 3PM UTC ( You will also receive a participation e-mail with a link just before the pre-ICO opens.
  4. After your ETH is successfully transferred – our smart contract will send the corresponding amount of indaHash tokens to your wallet.
  5. If we’ll start KYC verification – a link will be sent to you for verification process.This is a quick and easy process and, if needed, you will be able to repeat the process multiple times.


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